Craft – Make a Flower


When I first started my blog, all I posted was crafts. That’s it. I ran out of ideas pretty quickly. So now that my blog is about.. Everything, I have time to find crafts and do them.

Guys, this post has been in my drafts FOREVER. This post was supposed to go up on Valentines day. Now that didn’t happen did it.. 😀 Well here I’m posting it now, so ENJOY 😀

(PS: This craft can be very messy.. XD But that’s why it’s fun)

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Robins Eggs

Hello guys!

A few days ago I watched a robin build her nest. I started, to go visit her nest, everyday (I didn’t get to close though) and took pictures, now there is two little pretty blue eggs in her nest! I have some pictures, and overtime, I will do one big post of the nest growing, and having little chicks in it!! But for now, I will just show you the three picture I took!

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