Xcel State Meet

(Some of this post was written March 13th and some was written on March 14)


Today was my state meet (but you probably could’ve guess by the title.) Today is also daylight savings. I think that is only a quarter on why I’m so tired.

This morning, at about 5:45am I woke up. But it felt more like 4:45am to me. I was really tired, but I knew I had to get moving.  After breakfast I got ready, and packed my bag. Then we were on the road..(After we grabbed a Caribou)

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Updates – Gymnastics

Hello guys!

As you have probably noticed I have updated my blog a little bit. I decided it needed a change, as I have had the same design for months now. I think it looks a little more professional. Now the header picture is my favorite picture, just from last week, and I realized that I have not shown you guys that picture yet!! So, here it is!!! (you just have to click continue reading! 🙂 )

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