Why is the title of my blog a name you may ask? Well stay tuned to find out. Hey! GUESS WHAT. It's September 1st! Summer just flew. Well not literally. But you get the idea. School has already started.. "sigh" Time to get up bright and early, and learn... About history, and science, and art. … Continue reading Abrianna



Hello Everyone, sorry I haven't been posting as I have mainly been on the beach, and I don't think I can post from there... 🙂 I have a few photos from Florida that I would like to share with you... The Creation Museum photos will be in soon, its just that there is so many … Continue reading Hey!


Hey everyone, I guess we have a few things to catch up on. For one I did go to state, and I actually did pretty well. For one, I got 12th on floor, so that got me a medal, and I got 13th one beam  but its 12th place and under so I didn't get … Continue reading Hello!


I think Summer is finally around the corner, it is supposed to get to 72* out today! 😀   I can't wait for summer, go swimming, cheese burgers on the grill, YUM! What are some of your guys things to do during the summer? I am actually going to Florida VERY soon, so I will … Continue reading Summer…