Craft – Make a Flower


When I first started my blog, all I posted was crafts. That’s it. I ran out of ideas pretty quickly. So now that my blog is about.. Everything, I have time to find crafts and do them.

Guys, this post has been in my drafts FOREVER. This post was supposed to go up on Valentines day. Now that didn’t happen did it.. 😀 Well here I’m posting it now, so ENJOY 😀

(PS: This craft can be very messy.. XD But that’s why it’s fun)

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Craft – Make a LOVE poster

Good Morning!

Today I am going to be showing you how to make a love poster. I was going to do this before Mother’s Day, but I never had time. I still gave it to my mom though! Now, this poster doesn’t have to say love. You can make it say whatever you want it to say, but I only had enough room for a four or less letter word, so I did love. Let’s get started!

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Making Doll Sized Leg Warmers

Hello everyone! Tonight I want to show you how to make a doll sized leg warmers, but first I want to tell you something. A few weeks ago I made a 2014 resolution, I want to walk and be stronger in the faith of God. I also want to have a daily bible study, on this blog. Now I realize that not all of you are Christian’s, and I also realize that if I do what I am planning to do, I will lose followers and page views, but I will also be gaining more. If you decide to leave my blog, I am ok with that…But if you want me to teach you how to walk with God, and follow him, please stay. This blog will still have crafts, and things I do in life, I will also be updating it regularly, but it will also have some strong faith, with my readers and myself. When you are doing the craft I want you guys to go here. Listen and if you know the songs, sing along 😀 ! Now that I have said that, Let’s start with the craft.
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