Craft – Make a Flower

Hey!! When I first started my blog, all I posted was crafts. That's it. I ran out of ideas pretty quickly. So now that my blog is about.. Everything, I have time to find crafts and do them. Guys, this post has been in my drafts FOREVER. This post was supposed to go up on … Continue reading Craft – Make a Flower


Craft – Make a Doll Sized Witch Broom

Alright lets get started!... You will need, Scissors, Brown Paper, Duct Tape, Scotch Tape, and a Stick   First fold the Paper in half Then cut little strips of paper (Look Below) Next roll up the Paper over the stick. And Tape. Last but not least make little strips of Duck Tape and put around the Top Middle and Bottom of the broom. And your Done!! I … Continue reading Craft – Make a Doll Sized Witch Broom