Room Tour

Hey!! Today I have a special treat! I am going to do a room tour!! (Although you probably guessed that because of the title.) I just rearranged my room a bit, so I want to show you!! Lets get started!! The biggest change in my room is under my loft. A couple months ago I … Continue reading Room Tour


National Gymnastics Day

Hello! As most of you know I am a gymnast, and I have been for the last 8 years. Last Satuday was National Gymnastics Day. For this occasion I have put some of my favorite gymnastics photos together to make a post. So I hope you enjoy! What do you guys think? Are any of … Continue reading National Gymnastics Day


Hello everyone! I am very sorry I haven't posted in a while... But I have been so busy working on my gymnastics meet. I am in a program called Xcel that is competition just not as hard working. I love it and I had my Very FIRST meet ever yesterday. If anyone wants to know … Continue reading Meet