I have never really gone into details about my job, and I’m actually somewhat surprised I never have. Its quite a big part of my life. I’ve been doing it for almost a year now, and it’s one of my ultimate favorite things.

Belle is one of my favorite princess’s. She’s a girl who never went head over heels over some guy, she understood that was alright to be different, she was nice to everyone including Gaston, who personally I probably would’ve smacked him across the face. GET A CLUE BUDDY! And of course, she enjoyed reading. One of the very few problems I have with Belle is the fact that she let a sheep tear a part of her favorite book pages out. LIKE BELLE! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!?

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Welcome to 2017! *Cheering* bet you didn’t think you would get a post from me every again. BUT GUESS WHAT… I’m back,  and I’m better then ever. Here to give you the inside scoop of my life. From what new book I’m reading, to the new drawings I draw. But somethings on here are going to leave. Such as the whole, entire layout of this blog. I’m starting fresh. I was even thinking about deleting my old posts, or completely starting over on a new blog. But. I’m not. I’m staying put right here with all my friends, and all my weird posts from when I was twelve.

So right now, as soon as I click post, I’m going to start redesigning my blog. New themes, new layout, new year. 🙂 Expect some pretty wicked things!!


Until I post again,

Oh wait. If you have any ideas on things I should post, such as how I draw, how I take care of my birds, what I do for school.. Just random stuff like that.. Let me know in the comments. Ill be sure to get to them! 🙂

OKAY, now I am out




Why is the title of my blog a name you may ask? Well stay tuned to find out.


GUESS WHAT. It’s September 1st! Summer just flew. Well not literally. But you get the idea. School has already started.. “sigh” Time to get up bright and early, and learn… About history, and science, and art. But I’m going to take a flashback through my summer. Not in order of course. Because my brain just can’t do that. (I’m so old you guys.) So i’ll just scatter my summer across the screen for you. First off. We are starting with Abrianna. AKA Breezy, AKA Abri..

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Internet Friends..And X-Rays

Welcome to my first post in two months! ❤


Awkward. I know.

I didn’t die, or anything. Just been really busy. Time fly’s once summer starts! I hope ya’ll are having a great summer vacation.. Orrr, your home schooled and never really get a summer vacation.. Oh well.

So whats up? Anything new happening with you guys? Let me tell you, a lot has happened with me. For starters… I have a new internet friend. I know, I have lots  of internet friends. But I met this one on instagram. As most of you know. I love Once Upon A Time. Favorite show! I could talk forever on ouat, but you guys would all get bored of me. Anyways. There was this fan ouat instagram page, and the owner was looking for co-owners. So I decided to apply (Not knowing two things. 1. I would meet such a great friend. and 2. I actually wouldn’t be on the account for every long) I ended up joining, and I got put into this group chat with all of the other co-owners. Long story short, I met this girl named Abrianna, and she was home schooled. (Just like me) So we could talk during the day. We became really close, and we started facetimeing ( yes I just made up a word) , and doing role plays. Its just been a lot of fun. That was almost 5 months ago. Wow. Time flys. Now. If you hang on to everything I just said. Put it all into your mind, and remember that. I’m going to switch topics on you..

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Prayer and Praise Wednesday

Hey PranksterGangsters..

Ahem, my brother told me to say that…

Two weeks ago I wrote a post about all of this, and you guys sent in some requests and  I have been praying for you guys all week. This is the first post in this series, and I really hope I stay consistent for you guys. I’m also thinking about only doing this every other week instead of once a week. That way you have a longer time of people praying for you. Let’s get right into this..

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Craft – Make a Flower


When I first started my blog, all I posted was crafts. That’s it. I ran out of ideas pretty quickly. So now that my blog is about.. Everything, I have time to find crafts and do them.

Guys, this post has been in my drafts FOREVER. This post was supposed to go up on Valentines day. Now that didn’t happen did it.. 😀 Well here I’m posting it now, so ENJOY 😀

(PS: This craft can be very messy.. XD But that’s why it’s fun)

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