Welcome to 2017! *Cheering* bet you didn’t think you would get a post from me every again. BUT GUESS WHAT… I’m back,  and I’m better then ever. Here to give you the inside scoop of my life. From what new book I’m reading, to the new drawings I draw. But somethings on here are going to leave. Such as the whole, entire layout of this blog. I’m starting fresh. I was even thinking about deleting my old posts, or completely starting over on a new blog. But. I’m not. I’m staying put right here with all my friends, and all my weird posts from when I was twelve.

So right now, as soon as I click post, I’m going to start redesigning my blog. New themes, new layout, new year. 🙂 Expect some pretty wicked things!!


Until I post again,

Oh wait. If you have any ideas on things I should post, such as how I draw, how I take care of my birds, what I do for school.. Just random stuff like that.. Let me know in the comments. Ill be sure to get to them! 🙂

OKAY, now I am out




2 thoughts on “CONSTRUCTION

  1. abrianna says:

    1. do a 20 random
    2. post your drawings
    3. a post all about your budgies
    4. a bucket list and then keep copy/pasting in a new post to add to it
    5. all your favorite books
    6. rant about minnesota vs florida 😉
    i have so many ideas i should have a blog but i’m too lazy so….

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