Why is the title of my blog a name you may ask? Well stay tuned to find out.


GUESS WHAT. It’s September 1st! Summer just flew. Well not literally. But you get the idea. School has already started.. “sigh” Time to get up bright and early, and learn… About history, and science, and art. But I’m going to take a flashback through my summer. Not in order of course. Because my brain just can’t do that. (I’m so old you guys.) So i’ll just scatter my summer across the screen for you. First off. We are starting with Abrianna. AKA Breezy, AKA Abri..

Get ready to read guys. This should be a long one.

So we all know about my last post. Over a month ago. I talked about this girl named ABRI (Yes same girl) I talked about how I get to MEET her.. and how I maybe, just maybe hate airplanes more then anything in the world. Yeah, that post. If you didn’t read it, i recommend you read it HERE. Otherwise you might be a bit confused. But even after reading that post.. You are still probably confused. WHICH IS WHY THIS POST IS BEING WRITTEN..

July 21 2016

My alarm woke me up. at 3:50. I hardly got any sleep because I was just way to excited, to see what my day held. I got dressed, ran up stairs to my mother who was also widely awake. We were packed the night before. I started to eat breakfast. My mom was on her phone checking to make sure our plane wasn’t delayed, and that was the moment my heart stopped..

Yeah I’m done writing like this.

Seriously though, we found out our plane got CANCELLED. Like seriously. Worst thing ever. I was so upset. My mom made a very long phone call to the airport changing our times. She was a little stressed out. I was a little sad. AND I couldn’t text Abrianna because its 4:00 in the morning! Like nope, cant do that. So we just relaxed for the rest of the day.

July 22 2016

My alarm woe me up at 3:50. I hardly got any sleep because I was just way to ex– Okay you get the idea. Except this time there was no cancellation. We got on the plane (After it was delayed) I may have started to freak out a little on the plane. (I really hate planes) But we made it to our first layover. It was pretty crazy. Honestly our plane just kept getting delayed. We thought we would never make it to Florida. But eventually we got on our last plane there. And my moms cousin (What does the make her to me??) picked us up

We spent the next 3 days at my moms cousin’s house, and just enjoyed the heat. But. I went to go surprise Abri. Now she knew I was coming to her house. on Monday. But being the mean friend I was I surprised her on Sunday.


It was pretty amazing. But unfortunately I couldn’t stay with her until Monday.

But Monday flew by, and so did Tuesday, and Wednesday, and all the other days. So, to make this a little more interesting I’ll start with the pictures.











I had to pick my 10 favorites. We have so many pictures. I love this girl so much, and I can’t believe I actually got to meet her. I just turned one of my best weeks of my life into a 580 word paper, that doesn’t even come close to how much fun I had. And all of our amazing adventures. Like freaking out at BELLE. OH MY GOODNESS. (Another adventure I need to share with you soon. guys I’m belle <3) and Abri, if your reading this. Thank you for the best week of my life. With school starting up, and volleyball and diving, we wont be able to talk as much as I wish. We’re just so busy. So lets make it a deal and always watch ouat together. That’s what started this friendship, so we should always have ouat in our hearts. (HAHA GET IT! HA. Ha. im so punny) Anyways. Just thank you for all the rants I’ve put up with, and your rants. Mostly yours. ❤ I LOVE YA. Just. Thanks.(Also I want my goldfish back. Please, and thank you.)

I kinda doubt you readers actually read the whole thing. you probably just skimmed though and looked at the pictures. Well. That’s okay. Just enjoy your school days. 🙂


Ill type you all soon!

Miranda ❤

(PS this was 761 words. My hands hurt.)



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