Internet Friends..And X-Rays

Welcome to my first post in two months! ❤


Awkward. I know.

I didn’t die, or anything. Just been really busy. Time fly’s once summer starts! I hope ya’ll are having a great summer vacation.. Orrr, your home schooled and never really get a summer vacation.. Oh well.

So whats up? Anything new happening with you guys? Let me tell you, a lot has happened with me. For starters… I have a new internet friend. I know, I have lots  of internet friends. But I met this one on instagram. As most of you know. I love Once Upon A Time. Favorite show! I could talk forever on ouat, but you guys would all get bored of me. Anyways. There was this fan ouat instagram page, and the owner was looking for co-owners. So I decided to apply (Not knowing two things. 1. I would meet such a great friend. and 2. I actually wouldn’t be on the account for every long) I ended up joining, and I got put into this group chat with all of the other co-owners. Long story short, I met this girl named Abrianna, and she was home schooled. (Just like me) So we could talk during the day. We became really close, and we started facetimeing ( yes I just made up a word) , and doing role plays. Its just been a lot of fun. That was almost 5 months ago. Wow. Time flys. Now. If you hang on to everything I just said. Put it all into your mind, and remember that. I’m going to switch topics on you..

I have cousins. Who I haven’t seen in. Gshh. A while. I don’t really remember them. But they live in a different state then me. So I don’t ever see them. They’re always saying how if we ever get the chance, to come visit them. Now Abrianna lives in the same state as my cousins. While I was facetimeing her, my parents came over and met her parents, and we talked for such a long time. We somehow got onto the topic of cousins and family, and my dad says “hey, you guys live “Insert city here” and we have cousins “insert other city here” How far way is that from your house? Abrianna, and her parents look at each other and say, “That’s the next town over!!” So long story short, we got plane tickets and are going to stay with my cousins, and I get to meet my internet friend!!! ❤ We’re going July 21! I’m crazy excited… Except I dislike airplanes very much, but everything will turn out, and it will be an awesome experience.

That’s pretty much the biggest thing going on in my life right now. Wait. Nope. One other thing.

I haven’t posted sense May. That’s a long time. But sense then. I have quit gymnastics. ( I didn’t really do a post on that) I have been in gymnastics.. Forever. Well not forever, but a long time. But part of why I quit, was because I had so many injury’s, from ankle, knee, wrist, to back.. Basically everything hurt..

Again pin this in your head because I’m going to switch subjects.

My brother Nate, ran a 5k a couple weeks ago. (Wahoo!) While he was running a lady was giving free massages to the watchers who were watching the 5k. My dad told me to try it out, considering my back has been hurting for a while now, and I have been wanting a massage. I walked over there with my dad, got my massage, but while shew as massaging me she noticed I was really tight in certain places, and was wondering if I was in any sports. I told her my gymnastics story, and she told me to come into her office and she will check me out to make sure nothing is wrong with me. (Foreshadowing??)

So I went in two weeks ago, (I think. The dates not very important) and she noticed my back wasn’t straight, so she made me do some tests. It was a flexibility test in the neck, back, and spine. Knowing I was a former gymnast I thought I would be crazy flexible. I passed 3/15. That’s not good. So she brought me in for some X-rays. We took them. But I couldn’t see them until the next time I came. So we made a new appointment

The next appointment came.. And we (When I say we, I mean my mom and I. ) were brought into a room with this on a screen.


Notice how my spine in the second picture is not straight? It’s supposed to be straight. I have a slight bit of scoliosis. Not that bad. But enough. Also. The first picture in my neck. My neck is curving like a C. Its doing a reverse curve. It’s seriously  supposed to bend the other way.  My chiropractor was really surprised I haven’t had neck pain. It’s all been back pain. Sense I’ve been adjusted, and looked at, I’ve been experiencing a lot of pain. But I’m really hoping this will all turn out in the end. I go back in tomorrow afternoon.

I think I’m all caught up! 😀

Happy (late) 4th of July! Hopefully you all had fun with family, being up at a cabin, or a bonfire.

Have a great night!

Signing off..

Miranda ❤




4 thoughts on “Internet Friends..And X-Rays

  1. Jessica Clarke says:

    Hey there Mimi,
    I don’t know if you’d remember me, but my name is Jessica. I live in Australia, and we used to be internet friends when I was like 11 or 12 xD
    I don’t know what happened but I guess we kinda lost contact?
    I remember we were both really into dolls and we used to skype a lot. It was pretty cool and I’d forgotten about you for a while, then today I was just going through some old accounts online and I remembered you.
    I guess I just wanted to check how you’re doing and it’s cool to know you’re still active online.
    I (kind of) am I guess. My blogs have all been abandoned except for an anonymous one that I share my true feelings about literally everything on.
    I moved house, I’m not homeschooled anymore.
    To tell the truth, I’m completely different to the girl you used to know but I guess that’s okay.
    Anyway I hope your life has been good lately, and yeah if you don’t remember who I am that’s okay. Just thought I’d comment on the off-chance that you did.
    ~Jessica xox

    • mirandachildofgod says:

      Oh my goodness hi! I do remember you! I was actually thinking about you the other day! I logged onto the skype for the first time sense we’ve talked. It was kinda weird. I’m still alive. 🙂 I don’t blog very much. I’m on vacation right now! It totally made my day to hear from you! We should talk sometime. I’m still homeschooled. I’m not really into dolls anymore. All of them except my first one are all packed away in my closet for my future kids. I’ve changed a lot too. I’m not very social. I think that’s why I’ve kinda quit blogging. I’m scared of what people think of this blog. If they would actually like who I am. Or if they just like the blogs I write. We should seriously catch up!


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