Prayer and Praise Wednesday

Hey PranksterGangsters..

Ahem, my brother told me to say that…

Two weeks ago I wrote a post about all of this, and you guys sent in some requests and  I have been praying for you guys all week. This is the first post in this series, and I really hope I stay consistent for you guys. I’m also thinking about only doing this every other week instead of once a week. That way you have a longer time of people praying for you. Let’s get right into this..

Now remember all of this is anonymous.. But I will announce them with their first initial. I don’t want people to feel bad about their requests, I want you all to feel safe.

So the first one is from C. She says: “Could you pray for my grandma? She has cancer, in two places. I talked to her over Skype (I talked to her as much as I could, but she couldn’t say anything). My grandpa has to feed her. She seems to be getting a teeny bit better, but I would so love it if you could pray! Thanks!”

OF COURSE!! Cancer is just awful. It happens to so many people, and its so sad. All of the surgery and medication. :/

The next one is from L: “I’m wondering if you could pray that my mom will remember that I’m twelve and I still need to do First Communion. It’s a very complicated story but if you’re curious (I’m fine if you are) I can explain why! Thanks!”

Now of course I was curious, and I’m sure you guys are too! So here is her response:

“Thank you!!!
I’m fine telling you (I just didn’t want to bore you)! Okay, so basically I moved to Italy with my family when I was seven, but my parents thought that we were coming back to the U.S. the next year, and that I would just wait a year for my First Communion. But then my parents decided to stay another year. After about nine months, my parents told me that my dad had gotten a job in the U.S., and that he had been going to job interviews for months! o.O <- That was my face.😛
However, my mom and I were going to stay in Italy and decide later whether to move back or not. So ever since then the ‘which continent will we live on’ question has kind of been in limbo, so to say.
…And now I’m twelve!
BUT GUESS WHAT! Last week at church, my mom leaned over toward me during Mass and said that this summer (while we’re visiting family in the U.S.), I’m going to do First Comunion! YAY, AND THANK YOU AGAIN!”

That’s such a crazy story! I really hope you get to do First Communion! ❤

Up next is M: “Okay, this isn’t for me personally, but I’m going to say the presidential election.”

AGREED!!! Its so crazy right now. I don’t follow it, but my brother and my dad do.. Wow. It’s just, ugh. I don’t know how to explain it. Just crazy!

From Miss, R.:

Please ask your followers to pray for me? I had my long awaited doctors appointment at Vanderbilt in Nashville yesterday. I have for the past months been having a lot of dizziness, temple aches, zoning out, and i sometimes see triple vision. I also have lost my energy, my legs get week a lot, and i just have a lot of dizziness mostly!!! If you do not want to then could you just pray for me yourself?! I have to go back to Vanderbilt on the 16th of June, (three day’s before my birthday!!!) for some tests, they did not do anything yesterday but ask questions and test my reflexes. And my reflexes were just fine so they are going to do tests then. If you would like to know more about what i have to do for the tests then just tell me and i will be glad to tell!!!
GOD BLESS YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yikes, that’s just. Wow. I really hope you figure it out, and have time to celebrate your birthday! Maybe you’ll be all healed for your birthday!! Wouldn’t that just be amazing!?

Okay guys. Now for mine.

Tonight, my church is having a youth jam session. We bring in music and all play. I’m playing guitar, and piano. I’m kinda nervous. I shouldn’t be. But I am. If you guys could pray for me that I just become less nervous! 🙂 That would be wonderful! I’ll update you on what happens! ❤

So, now that all of the requests are up, I need your help to pray. I can’t do it all on my own. Maybe bring a list of everyone to dinner tonight, and pray for them. Or write a list down and put it in your locker at school, or your bed post if your homeschooled. 😉

Also if you were one of those who sent in a request, PLEASE PLEASE update me!! I would love to hear how everything goes!!!

I hope everyone prays, and encourages each other! Remeber if you have any requests OR praises, post them on this post. It will be up in two weeks! Have a great rest of the week!!! ❤





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