Happy May

Hey guys!!

A couple of new things have happened sense last time I blogged. First off, HAPPY MAY!! The birdies are out, along with gorgeous flowers. It rained where I lived for a couple of days, as nice as that was to go to sleep to, it wasn’t fun during the day. BUT ITS NOW MAY!! So hopefully more flowers then showers. So here is a little update on everything!! ❤

So the last time I wrote, I talked about joining diving, and doing regions. I can’t believe it but regions was almost a month ago!! Wowzers! Time flys. I can’t remember my placements, but I know the scores from a couple of events.. I got 9.125 on floor, 8.8 on vault,and 8.975 on beam. I didn’t get bars. 😦 But I got 9th A.A. (Which is all around) It wasn’t my best meet. But it was a good one to end on. 🙂

I have now finished gymnastics, it has honestly been really hard on me. I miss all of my team mates, and my coach. Plus I’m not quite sure to do with all of my free time! 🙂 But that’s a good problem to have.

Now that I’m done with gym, I have to move over to my other sport… DIVING!! ❤ Guys! I love this sport. I’ve only been doing it for a month, and I’m pretty sure I like it more then gymnastics. I love the feeling of flying into the air with all the noise, and diving straight down into the water, where it becomes silent and amazing. I also kinda like smacking. XD It means I have something to work on. I’m not perfect, I will always have something to work on. Once you smack. It hurts. Bad. You start bruising. I know it sounds awful. But it just makes the sport so much better. You know what you need to work on. Maybe you didn’t point your toes. Your toes smack, and you know what you have to fix for next time. It’s like a warning.. But I will say, it is hard for my to transition from gymnastics to diving. You land on your hands, not your feet. So sometimes I’ll over rotate, land on my back, and smack. Haha, but hey, that’s the fun part right.. :/

Now the last thing I want to say is that I’ve been thinking.. I know that’s never a good thing. But this one might actually be a good idea. I want to use a blog post for prayer requests. I think it would be every Wednesday, and maybe sometimes Sundays. And you would comment any prayer requests you would have, anything that has been answered, or just something you are struggling with. If you want it to be private, comment PRIVATE before you say what you need to say. All things will be anonymous unless otherwise stated. But if you comment without saying PRIVATE it will be put into a post. I’ll try to my prayer requests as well. So look on Wednesday for more information on it..

I hope you guys liked this post, and my idea.. Have a great night everyone!! ❤




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