Have you ever had the time when there are so many people surrounding you, yet those are the times you've felt this most alone? You get this feeling deep down inside of you a  feeling  that is best described as a big knot, that builds up more and more until all you want is to … Continue reading alone.



Just recently we had a huge conference at our church. The group that came in was called Axis. The conference was designed to help connect teenagers and parents together. Overall the conference was extremely enjoyable and I'd highly recommend it. One of the activities was a board game that looked a bit like candy land, … Continue reading Compassion


Bonjour! I have never really gone into details about my job, and I'm actually somewhat surprised I never have. Its quite a big part of my life. I've been doing it for almost a year now, and it's one of my ultimate favorite things. Belle is one of my favorite princess's. She's a girl who … Continue reading Belle


Why is the title of my blog a name you may ask? Well stay tuned to find out. Hey! GUESS WHAT. It's September 1st! Summer just flew. Well not literally. But you get the idea. School has already started.. "sigh" Time to get up bright and early, and learn... About history, and science, and art. … Continue reading Abrianna

Happy May

Hey guys!! A couple of new things have happened sense last time I blogged. First off, HAPPY MAY!! The birdies are out, along with gorgeous flowers. It rained where I lived for a couple of days, as nice as that was to go to sleep to, it wasn't fun during the day. BUT ITS NOW … Continue reading Happy May